Concrete pouring skips

concrete pouring skip We offer a wide range of concrete placement skips to cater for all your site requirements, together with ancillary equipment to facilitate their use. All products classified as lifting equipment are supplied with a valid test certificate.

concrete pouring skipconcrete pouring skipblue concrete pouring skip

Block Grabs

block grab These custom designed grippers for specific work operations, manufactured in high quality material, are a result of our long and specialized experience in this sector. Call for full spec sheet.

Crane Forks

crane fork Designed and constructed in high quality steel. Designed for crane lifting of pallets and brick packs with adjustable forks. These forks have the advantage of a spring loaded lifting eye which automatically adjusts to the weights carried. This ensures that the crane forks stay level when empty or full. The forks are fitted with hooks to allow the use of a safety net (optional extra).

Boat skip

boat skip This high quality Boat Skip permits automatic unloading without manual intervention by the operator with a special, modern system of release. Available in various capacities.


SLAPP Clamp Safe Lightweight Adjustable Pressing Palletlifter - the SLAPP Clamp is a safe, lightweight alternative to brick forks. Key Benefits :